Judicial Review Applications

If you are unhappy with a government decision, or frustrated with a delay in a decision being made at all, an application for judicial review may be available. On such an application, the Court may set aside a decision, or order a government actor to do, or refrain from doing, an act or thing. However, such relief may only be available within a limited time from the decision at issue. 

Pulleyblank Law offers representation on applications for judicial review in British Columbia Supreme Court or Federal Court.  


Whether you are unhappy with a court decision, or you were successful at a trial court but now are facing an appeal, Pulleyblank Law can offer representation at reasonable rates before the British Columbia Court of Appeal or the Federal Court of Appeal.

Leave to Appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada

If you need assistance preparing a leave application to the Supreme Court of Canada, or in responding to a leave to appeal, Pulleyblank Law offers a flat rate of $7,500 + tax to draft, prepare, print, file and serve a leave application and a reply, or $6,000 + tax to draft, prepare, print, file and serve a response to leave to appeal.  

Pulleyblank Law does not require that you also hire an Ottawa agent at the leave stage, potentially saving thousands of dollars.  

Representation before Administrative Tribunals

If faced with a hearing before an administrative tribunal, Pulleyblank Law can assist with the appearance or by preparing a written argument.

Flat Rates and Limited Retainers

For most services, clients can choose either a competitive hourly rate or a flat rate. In addition, Pulleyblank Law offers limited retainers, whereby a client can choose to use our services only for a portion of a proceeding, such as drafting a written argument or appearing in court.